From adjusting the lighting on your phone, to switching your heating on so your house will be warm when you get back, Tyrrell Smart Home are here to help!

What you get with Tyrrell Smart Home

Our Smart Home App

Free for iOS and Android smartphones or tablets with no monthly cost. Connect to the cloud and  then to your home from anywhere in the world.

Wireless Smart Home Hub

Our simple system control unit connected to the home’s router to link you to your smart home devices and products. 

Up to 32 Devices

Program heating, power control and monitoring all from the app using your smart home products. Even use geolocation for automatic heating

Smart Home iOS Android Mobile App

Our simple yet powerful free smart home app allows you to control time schedules, turning on and off smart plugs at set times, view energy costs and set up your temperature requirements for when you leave and arrive home. Our apps are available on Android and iOS PLUS they are free so you can take control of your smart home with as many devices as you like, wherever you like. A smart home system for the whole family.

Smart Home Icon

What can I do with Tyrrell Smart Home?

With Tyrrell, you can turn your home straight into a smart home with a one off payment.

Our smart home system lets you wirelessly control your heating and air condition from not only your home but anywhere in the world via the rialto app. One of the best new smart home products on the market is the smart plug. Simply a plug and play, connect through your smart phone and turn any device on and off from where ever you are. Once connected to the smart home hub, GPS tracking means you can automatically turn your heating and lighting on and off as you leave or arrive. Or you can even set timers on your smart plugs to turn lights on and off. 

Smart Home Why Have It

Why should I have it?

Why shouldn’t you we think is a more important question?

A bonus with our smart home products is how easy they are to install. You don’t need to be an electrical whizz to install a smart home system. The first bonus you will notice from our system is how much money you will save. Managing your smart home means you can turn heating and lighting off while not in, not only saving money but improving your energy efficiency. Ever sat down and forgot to turn a light off? Our lighting system and smart plugs mean you can just simply control all your lighting right from your smart phone.

Save Money With Smart Home

What about the price?

Our smart home system is much less expensive than our rivals yet boasts a beautiful Italian design.

The cost is simple. It’s just a one off payment of £169.99 for our full wireless smart plug and digital thermostat bundle, plus our app is free. This means no monthly cost. Something a lot of smart homes can’t offer. The products to create our smart home are so easy to install, you don’t have to be a tech genius to install them. With an easy installation you’ll be saving money there too. Although you are investing in a smart home, there is no doubt it will pay for itself. Within the first month you will not only see an improvement on your energy bills but also on your comfort. Just see the advantages here!

Freely download Rialto app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet.

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