You don’t have to spend a small fortune just to turn your home into a smart home, we look at how Smart Plugs can do this for you.

Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your home, new or old, into a smart home? Look no further than Smart Plugs. Smart Plugs are essentially pass-through plugs that fit into your ordinary electrical sockets in your home, and let you plug what ever electrical device into them using the Rialto Smart Home App.

Smart Plugs are similar to mechanical timers that automatically switch your lights on and off to a schedule when you’re away from home, except with the App they can offer so much more. Some of the ways they offer so much more is while still being able to be managed manually, scheduling them to come on and go off at a time that suits you, you can even control then by using your App on your smartphone, of if supported using the Amazon Alexa.

For this guide, we will be looking at how the Rialto App and Smart Plugs will benefit your home.

Controlling your lighting

One of the most practical uses of the Smart Plug is controlling the lighting in your home to both save energy and money and optimise comfort. Sadly it won’t work with your main lights as they are controlled via wall-mounted light switches, but it will work perfectly with any plugged in table, standing or extra lighting you have. Whenever you like, you can schedule the lights to switch on and off or you can control them remotely from the Rialto App. For example, if you are away from home for a long day, or even on holiday, you could deter what would-be intruders because your lights can be switched on and off giving the impression that someone is home. being able to control the lighting from your Rialto Smart Home App means just before you drive home from work, you could turn the lights on so your home is ready for when you arrive. One of the worst things is finally getting in bed after a long day and seeing a light on in corner of your eye. Instead of having to get up and turn it off, you can now just turn it off using your Rialto App, making sure you can stay comfy and settled, right where you are.

Along with controlling your lighting the Rialto App has another great feature, you can see how much energy each plug is using. From the very spot you are right now, you could be seeing how much energy each plug port is using in your home and decide weather to turn that plus on or off.

Waking up in the morning

We all know how hard it is to wake up in the morning, if you struggle to get out of bed in the early mornings, you can use your smart plugs to help you rise from your slumber. If you like waking up to You could use one to turn the radio or the TV on if you don’t fancy the harsh sound of an alarm clock first thing, or if your like 99% of us and don’t have a personal butler to brew your coffee or make you a cup of tea to start your day with, you can even switch on a kettle 5 minutes before your alarm (make sure you fill it with water first!) or turn your coffee machine and start brewing your morning coffee. Or if you just want to turn the lights on you can!

Monitor your energy use

One of the main reasons to upgrade your home into a Smart Home is to save energy and cut costs. Using the Rialto App with the smart plugs you can decide when certain plugs will turn on and off, it can be all well and good putting your kettle on 5 minutes before your alarm kicks in and you have to get up in the morning but what about the times you constantly having something turned on. One thing we are all guilty of is charging our mobile phones all night. In most cases, you can charge your smartphone to full charge within a few hours, so why leave it on all night? With a Smart Plug you can set it to start charging and stop at a certain time so your not using your electricity and spending un-needed money all night.

A lot of us now lead such busy lifestyles we barely have time to cook. Using a slow cooker can be a great way of preparing a hearty meal without having to salve over a stove all day long, so instead of starting your 4-6 hour slow cooker at half 7 in the morning when you leave, use our Rialto Smart Home App and turn it on using a Smart Plug to to time it for when you get home, keeping it fresher and tastier!

So what do we recommend?

Well at Tyrrell Smart Home we have a range of Smart Home Automation products that work perfectly to turn your home into a Smart Home, just take a look below….

Smart Plug UK & Smart Relay Combo Bundle

Our Smart Plug Energy Combo Bundle contains 1x Wireless Smart UK Plug, 1x Wireless Smart Relay and 1x Wireless Smart Hub.

  • Wireless Smart Home Hub
  • Wireless Boiler Control Smart Relay
  • Wireless Smart Plug with Energy Meter
  • Free apps for Android and iOS
  • 7 Day Time Programme
  • Location boost as you’re coming home
  • Easy and fast to install

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Smart Plug Datasheet
Download Smart Relay Datasheet
Download Smart Hub Datasheet

Any more questions?

Still got questions? Take a look at our common questions and answers in our FAQ section, if that doesn’t solve your question, just email us contact us

How to turn your home into a smart home with just smart plugs

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