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Make your home easier, convenient and more comfortable to live in without spending loads of time and money.

One thing you don’t need to be to turn your home into a smart home is an expert. It may look complicated to install but we are going to show how easy you can turn your home into a smart home. It also doesn’t cost as much as you think. The way that is constantly advertised to us is to buy lots of components and sensors, smart bulbs, security cameras, speakers and all sorts of gadgets we may not even need.

Lets be real: you probably don’t want to invest that much money or time. If your wants and needs are simpler, you can use a few less expensive products that can deliver the high-end home automation you are looking for. Plus, if you make sure those smart home products are compatible with each other, you will be able to build a solid foundation that you can even expand over time. Here are some of the ways you can build a smart home system without breaking your bank.

Smart Lighting

Most people who look into smart homes and home automation will start by looking into smart lighting. One thing you can start with is by using smart plugs. Using smart plugs, you can control any appliance and monitor its energy consumption and cost to run, making this a really easy way to turn your lights on and off. Just simply connect via the Rialto App (available for iOS and Android devices) and start your journey into your new smart home.

Using smart plugs means you can use a manual override function, as standard. This means you can decide to turn the lamps on while on your journey home, thank to the geo-location in the App.

If a lot of your home’s lighting is in the ceiling or within the walls and controlled by a switch on the wall, you could be better upgrading to using smart switches and dimmers instead. This means you can still connect to the lighting with your phone or tablet. If most of your lighting are lamps or you prefer to use them over your main lights, the smart plug is definitely the product for you.

Invisible Speakers

Thats right. Amazing sound quality without a massive subwoofer taking up loads of room around your TV or desk. Introducing the Amina Invisible Speaker.

These speakers are a must for anyone who wants to upgrade their home into a smart home, it may take a little bit more work due to plastering over the speaker, but when finished guests will be in aw of your new sound system. The invisible speaker is designed to be installed under plaster, wood, leather or almost anything you can imagine, which means you could even put them in your couch (might be a bit uncomfortable though!). The invisible speaker allows you to get creative, it’s your sound, have it your way.

With vibrational technology, based on the soundboards of musical instruments such as the acoustic guitar and violin, Amina speakers are breathtakingly light, and with no visual compromise and no sonic compromise, let these beautifully designed speakers fill your space with brilliant sound. If this sounds right up your street, our partner company Tyrrell Products can help you!

Smart Thermostats

Few start home devices, especially starter packs will be able to match the smart thermostats ability to deliver comfort and cost/energy savings. Smart thermostats go beyond just establishing a heating and cooling schedule based on when your home, they can detect when you’re on your way home, using geo-location, and warm your home ready for when you get back.

Smart thermostats are easily one of the best and easiest ways for you to start measuring your energy use too. You can control your heating and energy use all from your app on your iOS or Android device, this means you can not only save energy but view how you’re saving it. If you do end up leaving work late, or you know you’re not going to be home early, you can change your heating settings, saving energy and money and also improving your comfort for when you do get home. You can even change the temperature of each room from your very spot, meaning if you’ve just got into bed and forgot to turn the heating off downstairs, or even if you get too warm at night, just log into your App and manage your heating, optimising your comfort.

Tyrrell Smart Home App

Are You Ready For Home Automation?

We think we have listed a good start for you to start turning your home into a smart home, or even just make your life a little easier, but there is no set way to turn your home into a smart home. You could just want to control certain parts of your house, in which case, why don’t you take a look at How to turn your home into a smart home with just smart plugs. But if you think installing a invisible speakers is more important to you than turning off a light, do it!

If you think you might want to invest into a smart hub that could pull all your home automation together, just make sure you buy products that will all work with your choice of hub. P.S. we have a full range plus a hub.. but that’s up to you.

But if you would like to start making your life easier, save energy and costs and just update your home, a smart home is just around the corner for you.

Smart Home Guide For Beginners

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