6 Amazing uses your for smart plugs to make life easier and safer

Uses For Smart plugs

Smart plugs give you the control over every appliance that is controlled from a plug. This is everything from coffee machines, heaters, lights, games consoles, TVs and even washing machines. Using plugs to start your journey into building a smart home is a great first step. They are simply a plug and play, download our free smart home app and get connected.

There are so many uses for smart plugs and during this article, we will show you the top 6 amazing ways to enhance your life at home.

Security and Safety

One of the best uses for your smart plugs are the benefits of enhanced security and safety. Not only can they be used as burglar deterrents, you can use smart plugs to control your appliances. During the morning chaos, you leave in a rush, instead of worrying that you left your straighteners on, you can simply turn it off from your smart home app.

If you are going on holiday, or even a long weekend away, the last thing you want is prying eyes on your lovely home. One of the best uses for your smart plugs are using them to control lighting. From thousands of miles away you can control your lighting, turning it on and off making it look like no one ever left. Simply name your plug which lamp you want to control and get connected. If you don’t have access to your smart home app you can always use timers. Each smart plug comes with a timer on for you to set when it turns on and off.

Waking up with Smart Plugs

We all have morning routines. Some of use just have coffee and go. Some like to have the radio on. You (like some of us at Tyrrell Smart Home) need lights turned on and the alarm blaring. Our smart plugs have some amazing uses in helping you get up in the morning.

One of the best uses is to turn your lights on to help you wake up. Set your lighting to turn on just before or after your alarm instead of bumbling about trying to find the light switch half asleep. It also means when you leave for work, if you’ve forgotten to turn a light off, simply log into the smart home app and turn it off.

A lot of us love a fresh coffee brewed in the morning, but this can take a bit of time. Our solution with smart plugs means you can set your coffee machine to start brewing before you wake up, meaning you wake up to amazing freshly brewed coffee. You can even set your radio to come on as well. Instead of an alarm, simply set your smart plug timer to turn on your radio and wake up to the sound of your favourite radio station.

Uses For Smart plugs In The Kitchen

Let a Smart Plug Cook While Your At Work

One of the best uses for a smart plug. Cook while you’re not even there. If you use a slow cooker, you normally have to leave it on all day and set it cooking on the machine from a certain time. With a smart plug, you can save energy and money by keeping the slow cooker turned off and only turning it on when you want your food to start cooking.

Anything control by a plug to cook food or drink can be used remotely from work, your day out or even if you just can’t be bothered going to the kitchen. With smart plugs you won’t even need to stand by the kettle as that boils. Using your smart home app, turn your kettle on from the smart plug and wait till it’s boiled.

If you really want to be that bit more extravagant, start a griddle as soon as you wake up so pancakes or waffles are ready waiting for you.

Stay cool during summer

If we are looking at another summer like last year we all need to stay as cool as possible this year. Use your smart plug to control fans in any space you choose. Your garage, living room or bedroom. If you are getting to cold just use your app to turn the fan off.

During a hot summers day you want to stay as cool as possible, using the smart plugs to control fans means you have a lot less time getting up and down turning the fan on and off. This is one of the key uses of how smart plugs can improve your comfort at home.

Uses For Smart Plugs On Consoles

Using smart plugs with your children

Every kid deserves playtime before or after homework. But ending playtime can often be difficult (trust us, we know!) so using a smart plug can be great way to switch off the TV or gaming console. You could even plug your router into a smart plug and control when the internet goes off. A feature of the smart plug can be to schedule the internet off during late nights and day times while the family are out, saving energy and money.

Some kids need lights on at night, but once they’re asleep you don’t want them on all night. These are the easiest things to automate, you can put a timer on for later or if you know they’re asleep, just use your smart home app to turn the lights off.

Switch off everything with your smart plug while you sleep

Simply set a timer for when you go to bed or just use the smart app as you get in bed. What ever you were using throughout the day or evening after work, save energy and money by timing everything off for when you go to sleep. You can even turn things on and off from work, if you set the tumble dryer going, simply from your smart home app take control and turn it off to save energy.


Want to buy smart plugs? You can buy them right here! Or if you would like a few more reasons to build a smart home, have a look at our benefits to building a smart home.

Uses For Smart Plugs

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