Benefits To A Smart Home

Benefits to a smart home

Our lives were revolutionised at the introduction of the smartphone. The smartphone made tasks that were once that were once labour intensive and harder to access – things as simple as sending text messages or answering emails to more complicated tasks such as ordering a taxi or creating a presentation. The smartphone made these tasks nearly effortless and accessible to our fingertips at all times. The recent introduction of the smart home takes simplicity to a new level! With a smart home bundle in your home, you can wave ‘goodbye’ to accidentally leaving your air conditioning on while on vacation or worrying about making your house appear occupied while away, and say ‘hello’ to saving money on electricity and minimising your environmental impact.

Minimise your stress

With each smart home bundle, the controlling of various aspects of your home is placed at your fingertips at all times via your smartphone. Whether you’re in your home or away on holiday, this technology will minimise the effort needed to control your home. But how? One of such technologies, for example, is a digital thermostat bundle. With this smart home kit, users eliminate their need to go to the thermostat on their wall to adjust the air conditioning or heating in their home. Instead, this bundle allows users to open their phone and adjust the temperature from wherever they are. Sure, perhaps this only saves a few steps from the living room to the hallway wall, but imagine you’ve just sat down on an airplane for a holiday and you remember you left the heating on in your home. You instantly panic! With a smart home, you simply open your app and adjust the thermostat via the app on your smartphone. This way, you will not just prevent wasting money but also eliminate the environmental impact that would come from running the heating. Additionally, this technology contains programming for the air conditioning and heating to be run on a schedule. With this feature, your thermostat may adjust automatically to run at varying temperatures and times based on when you normally set them. This prevents the air conditioning or heating from running at times you when you may not need it, whether you’re away at work for the day or on your daily run, you don’t have to worry about it.

Minimise impact to our environment (and your wallet!)

In addition to conserving energy by only running your air conditioning or heating when you need it, your smart home will also take monitoring and controlling the usage of your boiler to the next level. With an energy control bundle, users gain the ability to monitor the energy usage of their boiler, while also giving the boiler a brain of its own allowing it to switch on and off when needed. Of course, it would be difficult to turn your boiler on and off throughout the day when you need it at various and often unplanned times. For this reason, smart homes are fitted with a geofence to switch the boiler on when you are in range of your home. With the addition of a digital thermostat, a smart home keeps money in your pocket and helps the environment.

Maximise home security

Smart home technology will not only make your life easier and save you money, but will also keep your home and belongings safe. As this technology allows for the control of your power outlets, it can be used with lamps to help simulate someone being at your home and help prevent burglary. According to research by home insurer Policy Expert, approximately 816,000 homes in the UK have been burgled while homeowners have been out on holiday. This statistic comes from burglars abilities to determine whether a house is vacant or not based on many factors, one largely being whether or not the lights are being used in the home at different times during the day. Aside from making easier the turning on and off of lamps in various parts of your home, smart homes can be programmed with a timer for lamps to be switched on at varying parts of the day or night, all based on a 7-day schedule. Although homeowners may just leave their lights on at home to simulate someone being home, this strategy does not simulate activity and also comes a great cost to both your wallet and the environment. The timer feature will make your home appear occupied while away. With this advantage, you will minimise the likelihood that your home will be broken into when you’re away.

So why choose a smart home?

Similar to smartphones and smartphone owners, smart home technology makes the lives of homeowners much easier and makes everyday easier and more accessible. The security and environmental protection that comes with smart home technology cannot be rivalled. With the installation of a few simple smart home products, we will be on our way to doing just that.

Your Smart Home: Greener, Simpler, Safer

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