Smart Meter


Monitor your energy consumption and estimate costs.

Smart Meter monitors current flow via the electric system phase.

For instance, if connected close to the main switch gear of the house, it allows you to check how much energy you’re consuming in real time and to consult the general trend overtime.

Via the free Rialto App, you have clear information on the power consumed: 
the measurement is taken with the supplied current clamp and with voltage measurement. Data on daily consumptions are available on a chart view.

Have you already installed a Bundle?
 You can add a Smart Meter to your Rialto network in few seconds: you only need to connect phase and neutral cables to power the device, then connect the current transformer (CT) supplied around the phase you wish to monitor and follow the guide step by step on the Rialto App.

The Smart Meter also extends the wireless signal coverage of your Rialto network.

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Smart Meter Datasheet


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