Wireless Digital Thermostat Smart Home Bundle


Our Wireless Thermostat Bundle contains 1x Wireless Digital Thermostat and 1x Wireless Smart Home Hub.

  • Wireless Smart Home Hub
  • Wireless Digital Thermostat
  • Free apps for Android and iOS
  • 7 Day Time Programme
  • Location boost as you’re coming home
  • Easy and fast to install

With the Thermo Kit your heating becomes smart, without any difficult installation work!

Simply connect WhiteBox gateway to the ADSL modem and replace your old thermostat with the new Tyrrell Smart Home smart chronothermostat.

The installation process is very easy and quick (max 10 minutes), and the App is intuitive as well: it lets you build a chrono program that best suits the habits of all house tenants, monitoring and freely customizing heating and cooling of all domestic spaces anytime, anywhere.

Thermo Kit is compatible with all Tyrrell Smart Home products: you can add one or many smart chronothermostats, Smart Plugs, Smart Meters, Smart Relays remote controls or additional Smart Switch whenever you want.

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Thermostat Datasheet
Download Smart Hub Datasheet




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