Wireless Digital Thermostat


Control the temperature and your energy consumption with our all new Wireless Digital Thermostat!
Are you using multiple thermostats? Is your heating or cooling system multi-room?

You can manage your winter heating or summer cooling in all each room adding one or many smart thermostats to our smart home kit: the perfect temperature in each room, at your fingertips thanks to our free smart home app!

Replace all of your thermostats in few minutes: you only need to replicate the previous connections of two or three cables you find behind the old thermostats.

Do you wish to monitor the coldest or warmest areas of your house with a Wireless Digital Thermostat?

Associate one or many devices to the wireless digital thermostat to be automatically activated/deactivated depending on the temperature detected: Smart Plugs, Smart Relays and Smart Switches.

You can put a Wireless Digital Thermostat wherever you want and use it also as a wireless temperature sensor!

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Wireless Digital Thermostat Datasheet


Wireless Digital Thermostat


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