Wireless Smart Plug (UK)


Control any appliance, monitor its energy consumption and cost to run with our Wireless Smart Plug.

The Smart Plug comes with a manual override function, as standard. Decide when to turn appliances and lamps on and off and have them turn on as you come close to home, thanks to the geo-location feature in the App.

Smart Plug is a plug socket managed via the App to switch on/off any electric device, such as: lights, radiant panels, electrical radiators, dehumidifiers, portable air conditioners, fans and circulation pumps.

It provides real-time monitoring and records of electrical consumption: power (W) and energy (Wh) data are always available via the App on a chart.

You can associate one or more Smart Plugs to a Smart Thermostat to automatically activate/deactivate the connected device depending on the temperature detected by the thermostat.

The Smart Plug also extends the wireless signal coverage of your Rialto network.

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

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So what do smart plugs do?

Smart plugs are a wonderful new multi purpose product that can be used with almost any hardware! They can be controlled remotely from our free smart home app or you can set them with timers, for example setting a light to come on at 7:00am to wake you up.

Here is have a list of some of the best things to use your smart plug for:

1. Waking up

We all have our own morning routines. Whether it be listening to the radio, enjoying a cup of coffee or needing the light turned on to actually wake you up, smart plugs can do this for you. Simply pre set your timer for just before you wake up and let the plug do the hard work by warming your morning coffee before you are up.

With less to think about in the morning, and the work being done for you, just make sure you look your best and have a great day!

2. Deter burglars

Going on holiday? Away all weekend? Make it appear like someone is home by using smart plugs to turn on and off your lights. This can be done by adding a timer to your plugs or even controlling them from your smart home app. This perfectly creates the illusion that someone is home, improving the safety of your home.

3. Cook dinner

Why not let your smart plug cook your dinner for you? Simply use your smart home app while at work, turn on your desired cooking unit (we always like to recommend a crock pot or a slow cooker) and it will be ready for when you arrive home. Simples. It even means you can save energy by not having to run your slow cooker from the moment you leave for the day.

If you’re not going to have chance to get to your phone to use the app, you can always set a timer on your smart plug.

4. Control consoles and TVs

The modern household often features TVs, game consoles and a PC. Easily control how long your children would be playing on game consoles by placing your smart plug between the appliance and the power outlet and set a timer of when the console can be shut off. Go easy with this though, definitely avoid shutting down before their game is finished or saved!

5. Switch everything off when you fall asleep

Simply set a timer for when you go to bed or just use the smart app as you get in bed. What ever you were using throughout the day or evening after work, save energy and money by timing everything off for when you go to sleep. You can even turn things on and off from work, if you set the tumble dryer going, simply from your smart home app take control and turn it off to save energy.

Wireless Smart Plug (UK)


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