Wireless Smart Relay


Connect and control your heating boiler, zone valves or air conditioning units.

The Smart Relay used in conjunction with the App allows control of any system or electric device with digital On/Off inputs; such as pellet stoves, heat pumps, radiant panels, electric stoves, convectors or fan-coils. 
It can also be used to directly switch On/Off other devices with a mains voltage connection, using the inbuilt 13A 230VAC relay.

You can associate one or more Smart Relays with a Smart Thermostat. Using it as remote relay to automatically activate/deactivate the connected device depending on the temperature detected by the thermostat.
The Smart Relay also extends the wireless signal coverage of your Rialto network.

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Smart Relay Datasheet


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