Smart Home Devices

If you are new to building a smart home or you are looking to expand with new devices, our smart home devices are ready to connect, plus there is no monthly fee for our smart home system. Our devices range from Wireless Smart Plugs to Wireless Digital Thermostats and let you control everything such as multi-zone heating, audio and video, heating and lighting. Take a look and below and don’t hesitate to get in contact and we will answer any queries you may have!

Wireless Smart Hub

The first step into building your smart home. Our wireless smart hub is a key part in our smart home package. Connected via an ethernet cable (which is included in the box) all of our devices such as the smart plugs are connected to the smart hub, combined with our free smart home app, you will have full control of all your devices from anywhere and at any time.

Wireless Smart Hub - Smart Home Devices
Wireless Digital Thermostat - Smart Home Devices

Wireless Digital Thermostat

Our Wireless Digital Thermostat is a great way to kick off your smart home. This amazing smart device will replace all the thermostats in your home in a matter of minutes. You only need to replicate the previous connections of two or three cables behind the old thermostats. From this you can manage winter heating and summer cooling in each room from your smart home app. The perfect temperature in each room.

Wireless Smart Plug

Easily one of the most popular smart home devices around right now. Your Wireless Smart Plug can control any appliance and monitor its energy consumption. Our Smart Plug comes with a manual override function, so you can set a timer of when it turns on and off or use your app. Thanks to the app you can also use geo-location, so as you get close to home, your smart plugs will turn on.

Why not have a look at our guide for the best uses for a smart plug.

Wireless Smart Plug - Smart Home Devices
Wireless Smart Relay - Smart Home Devices

Wireless Smart Relay

Connect and control your heating boiler, zone valves or air conditioning units with our Smart Relay. This amazing smart device used in conjunction with our smart home app allows control of any system or electric device with digital on or off inputs such as heat pumps, radiant panels, electric stoves or fan coils. It can also be used to switch any device on or off with a mains volatage connection. 

Wireless Smart Switch

With our Wireless Smart Switch you can connect and meter electric hot water and heating systems including under floor. Smart Switch manages via App to provide on or off switching of any device with a mains supply of 230V such as lights, irrigation systems, air conditioners, circulation pumps and electric radiators. You can also connect your smart switch to our wireless digital thermostat to automatically activate and de-activate the connected device depending on the temperature of your thermostat. 

Wireless Smart Switch - Smart Home Devices
Wireless Smart Meter - Smart Home Devices

Wireless Smart Meter

Monitor your energy consumption and estimate costs with this smart home device. Our Smart Meter monitors current flow via the electric system phase. For instance, if connected close to the mains switch gear of the house, it allows you to check how much energy you’re consuming in real time and to consult the general trend overtime.

*Must have at least one Smart Hub. Individual products cannot operate without this. Hub is included in bundles.