Our Free Smart Home App Available for iOS and Android devices

Free Smart Home App - iOS and Android

The home menu shows all of your connected devices and statuses.

Adding your location is easy, providing intelligent time control for your home.

Fixed location based schedules can easily be viewed and adjusted.

Thermostat and Energy Control temperature and settings can be viewed and altered.

Appliance control is quick and simple with energy and cost summaries.

Easily see what’s on, off and when it happens with system graphs and bar charts.

Smart Home Mobile App

What you can do with Tyrrell Smart Home:

✓ Control heating & electric appliances from an app, improving your comfort
✓ Save money, avoid waste thanks to the convenience of remote control
✓ Save energy, view how you use it, and how much
✓ Program heating and electrical loads from one simple app
✓ Switch devices on & off automatically using the geolocation function
✓ Measure the electrical power consumption

✓ Free Smart Home app for iOS and Android devices
✓ Day and night temperature control settings
✓ Manage your home comfort and devices at any time from any location
✓ Set energy costs & learn how much you’re spending before you get the bill
✓ Easily add new smart plugs & devices in the app in minutes