Why wouldn't you choose a smart home?

There are so many benefits to building a smart home!

Nearly everyone of us now carries a smartphone around everyday. So why are do we not use them to their full potential? Your phone can now track where you are so why not let it automatically adjust your home from where you are. Using new integrated technology, gain the full advantages of a smart home by adjusting and controlling lighting, heating and even appliances from work, home or on the move. 

Transforming your home into a smart home is actually a lot easier than you think too!

Smart Home iOS Android Mobile App

No need for WiFi

One the best features about our smart home system is not needing an internet connection. Our smart plugs, digital thermostats and smart home hub talk to each other on their own network, meaning if your Wifi does go down, your smart home system will keep running.

Limitations are a thing of the past, our smart home app lets you control any aspect of your home. Everything from music to lighting to heating.

Making everyday easier

One benefit of the smart home solution has brought is the accessibility it brings. Everyday tasks now become a million times easier such as changing the heating in individual rooms. We have all sat down and left a light on in another room, but now, we can simply just turn it on and off from where we’re sat!

Smart Home App
Smart Home Plugs and Thermostat

Benefits to owning a smart home

  • Great potential saving in energy and money

  • Extreme Convenience

  • Boost your home security
  • Safety on appliances and lighting

  • Help save precious time

  • Contributes to economy
  • Full control when out of town

  • Promotes peace of mind

  • Helps the enviroment

Using smart plugs

Using smart plugs connected with our Rialto App means you can control any appliance turning it on and off and monitor its energy consumption. One of the main uses of a smart plug is turning lamps on and off. It’s an easy and one of the most popular ways of controlling your lighting. You can even connect it to your coffee machine to start brewing coffee before you wake up with a pre set timer. Using the Rialto App means your location is tracked and can turn your plugs on automatically as you come home or turn them off (if you forgot to turn the lights off!) as you leave.

Check out our Smart Plug Energy Bundle below

Our Smart Plug Energy Combo Bundle contains 1x Wireless Smart UK Plug, 1x Wireless Smart Relay and 1x Wireless Smart Hub.

  • Wireless Smart Home Hub
  • Wireless Boiler Control Smart Relay
  • Wireless Smart Plug with Energy Meter
  • Free apps for Android and iOS
  • 7 Day Time Programme
  • Location boost as you’re coming home
  • Easy and fast to install

Delivery in approximately 2-5 working days (subject to availability)

Download Smart Plug Datasheet
Download Smart Relay Datasheet
Download Smart Hub Datasheet

Smart Home Plugs and Thermostat